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Earth Dr Reese Halter is the recipient of the Presidents Distinguished Service Award from Humboldt State University for his inimitable leadership in conservation biology, an Outstanding Environmental Awareness Achievement Award for Dr Reese's Planet from The National Society of The Daughters of the American Revolution, an Outstanding Achievement Award for writing The Insatiable Bark Beetle from California Lutheran University, and an Outstanding Achievement Award for writing Shepherding the Sea: The Race to Save our Oceans from MUSE School CA..
Join Dr Reese from the tallest trees on Earth -- Californian redwoods, and largest coastal forests of Alaskan and British Columbian wilderness - Sitka spruce, to the incomparable honeybee and the incredibly delicate Monarch butterflies that southward migrate and northward returns in the summer from Canada to Mexico and Baja California (which spans the life of 3 or 4 generations of the butterfly), or from the land Down Under - marvel with him at breathtaking life on the Great Barrier Reef or the incredible bees that pollinate eucalypts, and gratitude for the colossal leatherback sea turrtles and remarkable whales of the Great Southern Ocean. And from Africa please take a few moments to read Dr Reese's Huffington Post stories on the endangered sureal cetacaeans, magnificent elephants, majestic rhinos or from SE Asia the lastest great coal rush killing Earth and the last Sumatran tigers that loathsome poachers are mercelessly slaughtering in the bloody 'War Against Nature.' Or the repulsive ocean-killing bloodlust in Taiji, Japan and the Danish, Faroe Islands. And Kudos to Captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society for standing up to Japan and saying "Stop Killing Endangered Whales" and Bob Barker and Sam Simon for being a best freinds forever to the Animal Kingdom. The bees, trees and seas are telling us: It's time to future-proof our towns and cities -- now.
Protect our Planet
To protect nature we must love it, to love it we must understand it, to understand it we must be taught. From understanding comes wonder, which Dr Reese is a master at evoking. Please join him and help safeguard our environment !

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I Wear Blue -- For the Oceans


I Wear Blue for the Oceans
           Dr Reese Halter (signed)

Shepherding the Sea - Earth Dr Reese Halter

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